In the digital business environment of today, a website is the face of any venture and one of the first things that a start-up does is to have a website designed and developed that reflects its products and services. This is the starting point of any interaction between the customer and you the business owner and the more appealing and user-friendly the website is the more conversions and sales you will get. Given this scenario a lot depends on the domain name of your website. You have to select one that truly represents your business and a lot of careful thought should go into selecting one.

Surprisingly, many business owners miss out on the true importance of the domain name. This is where our blog spot will come in handy since www.oceanagenda.org is devoted exclusively to the subject of domain name and creating an awareness of it.

What then is the specific purpose of our blog site? Examples of a few topics that will be just right for our site will make the picture clear. What are the factors that decide what domain name you should choose? Should your domain name have a keyword too? Should it include the name of your locality or country too? What extension is ideal for you? Apart from this, there are some other dos and don’ts that you should follow. Don’t buy a domain name without checking its past; do get the domain name registered in your favour.

These and many such tips can be found on our blog site which in a nutshell is a one stop site for creating awareness about all things related to domains.

However, to make our site truly interesting we invite blogs from those who are well conversant in this field. They can add a touch of professionalism to our site, especially if they are experts working in domain companies and have hands-on experience. They will be the ideal people to guide our readers on the various nuances of domains. Do write in to us on this subject. Blogs on any topics related to this niche of creating domain awareness will be accepted for publication.